Recent Case Studies

The following are sample transactions that our CRE Team have successfully drawn down. 

Funding Value: €1.7m

First Citizen CRE Finance funded a loan of €1.7m to purchase an industrial unit at auction in a prime industrial estate in South Dublin. This funding represented 67% LTV and was purchased in their personal names. The unit had the benefit of an existing lease to a multi-national firm over 3 years with a break clause within the next 3 years. The deal was priced at 7.5%. 

Funding Value: €2.2m

First Citizen CRE Finance assisted in the refinance of a portfolio of pre-63 properties which were fully tenanted close to Dublin City Centre. The loan was refinanced at €2.2m which represented 75% of the funding requirement. This transaction permitted the borrower to restructure the debt in a tax efficient manner from individual names into a SPV structure. 

Funding Value: €700,000

First Citizen CRE Finance funded a mixed used property which consisted of retail, office and overhead residential accommodation in South Dublin. This loan of €700,000 represented 85% LTC of refinancing requirement from portfolio sale, the actual LTV was less than 70%. The property is an income producing property with satisfactory covenants. The deal was in a SPV over 5 years with repayment profile of 20 years and priced at 7.5%.

Funding Value: €1m

First Citizen CRE Finance funded a facility of €1m to assist an existing SPV refinance a portfolio of commercial properties out of a loan. The properties are located in the Dublin commuter belt and are fully tenanted with various lease terms. The LTV was 65% and the loan was structured over 5 years with an agreed out of course capital repayments  to accelerate paydown of this facility.