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Are you looking to purchase a new or used item of equipment for your business? If so, we have a nationwide team ready to assist you. Finance solutions can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Flexible and competitive repayment plans are available to help businesses. We want to make your purchasing experience the best it can be. Let's make it happen!

At First Citizen Equipment Finance, we understand the challenges of modern day business. That’s why we have designed our Business Hire Purchase and Lease Agreements to match your income situation. Finance is available over any term between 2 and 7 years depending on the type and age of the asset being financed. First Citizen Equipment Finance will provide up to 90% LTV (loan to value) of the asset, subject to existing credit criteria. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Our Asset Finance Agreements have a fixed interest rate to help you budget and manage your cashflow. Please note that the interest rate charged will be fixed at the prevailing rate applicable on the day the Agreement is made. 

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