It’s official! Ireland’s national colour is grey.

Don’t worry though, the government is not changing our green, white and orange flag to a grey one. 

According to SIMI’s (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) latest report, grey is ranked in first place as Ireland’s favourite colour for passenger cars for the fourth year in a row. By the end of June this year, 80,704 new passenger cars were registered in the Republic of Ireland with 37.2% of those cars being grey in colour. The second favourite colour by Irish residents is black with 17.5% of the market share.

We also noticed an increased demand for blue, green and orange cars based on previous years. Although grey is still the first choice for most new car buyers, this has decreased in preference against 2018, down 9.35%. It’s too early to say if we’ll see more colourful cars on the road in the future, but we can definitely confirm that Ireland is covered in grey cars at the moment.

What’s your favourite car colour? Tell us, we would love to know.

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It’s official! Ireland’s national colour is grey.
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