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First Citizen Finance is a leading provider of Retail Financial Services,
including Car Finance and Agri Finance in the Irish Market


First Citizen Finance provides complete portfolio management to Europe & Ireland's largest banks, in both personal and commercial business, with a clear focus on arrears so as to maximise all collections.


Headquartered in Dublin and represented nationwide we are ideally placed with a team of professionals to manage your portfolio in a responsible manner.


Pre-Application Information Sheet.
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Customers in Financial Difficulty
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Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your credit facility agreement, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.

Warning: You may have to pay charges if you repay early, in full or in part, a fixed-rate credit facility.

About Us

First Citizen Finance, formed by the management team and staff of Permanent TSB Finance, is a new provider of banking outsourced services for the Irish market. Having processed over 1.5 million customer applications from inception to final collection the company has built a large expertise in all matters financial.



We have worked together over many years and developed a clear understanding of the Irish market and are uniquely placed to assist and work out solutions with our clients to maximise your return and to enhance your business.

Our Outsourcing Services

At First Citizen we specialise in loan servicing, arrears management and debt recovery through our key regional centres located across the country.


We can facilitate every step of a loan life cycle:

  • Originals application
  • Appraisal and disbursement of funds
  • Processing including billing & payments processing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Completion including recovery and legal follow-up


In addition, our automated processing includes:

  • Blended inbound and outbound calling
  • Recorded and stored for verification
  • Facilitates orchestrated campaigns
  • Predicative model (fully automated selection)
  • Multi-location functionality
  • Fully integrated with our telephony, collection & MIS systems
  • Rich in reporting and MIS functionality


Our strategic and decisive management team will ensure that with our state of the art collections systems that your portfolio will outperform your expectations.


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